Schaerer Coffee Art Plus, Single Phase 13 amp Plug, Automatic Bean to Cup.

Schaerer Coffee Art Plus, Single Phase 13 amp Plug, Automatic Bean to Cup.

Commercial automatic bean to cup espresso machine.


Single Phase 13 amp plug.


Hot, warm or cold milk beverages and coffee-based milk beverages at the press of a button.

  • Milk foam quality adjustable and milk temperature for each product programmable
  • Milk foam; cold milk foam as an option
  • Consistent milk and milk foam beverages
  • Milk is conveyed by a pump and heated by steam
  • Fully automatic cleaning
  • Intermediate rinsing with steam sterilisation



Used by Costa Coffee, the Schaerer Coffee Art Plus is a coffee machine that marries together established features, new technologies and a commitment to usability.

With its integrated hopper and on-demand grinder, the Coffee Art Plus takes care of the espresso automatically and leaves milk preparation to the barista.

This enables coffee shops to offer the visuals and procedures that many customers have come to expect, and is the same system used by many leading high-street chains.

At the heart of the machine is its TouchIT display, a 7” touchscreen that is a control panel, user manual and advertising all rolled into one.

Using this screen, operators can programme drink strengths, quantities and choices, and it also acts as a clear visual guide to help users through the required cleaning routines. When not in use, it can also double up as an advertising display.

On-screen prompts appear to alert users when grounds trays need emptying and when cleaning routines are required. Led by the TouchIT display, day-to-day maintenance processes are simple to follow thanks to the combination of visual animations and concise instructions.

It also features a second grinder and ground coffee inlet, allowing you to offer different varieties of coffees (seasonal blends, single-origins and decaffeinated) if you so wish.

Fitted with an energy saving mode and an efficient heating system the machine can be programmed to use less power when not creating drinks, saving you money in the long run.

The machine uses fresh coffee beans to its espressos and is fitted with on-demand grinders, an insulated boiler and a Swiss-made brewing system.

With numerous drink options, simple cleaning routines and a clear 7” touchscreen display, this Swiss-manufactured coffee machine is ideal for operators who are looking to increase their coffee output.Beans container 2 x 1kg Water tank Mains supply only Grinders 2 Grounds drawer 50 pucks Weight 40kg Dimensions(mm)