WaterLogic WL2500 Hot/Cold Water Dispenser

WaterLogic WL2500 Hot/Cold Water Dispenser

Everyone is health conscious these days. So, you want your staff, customers and visitors to have access to high quality drinking water – but you don’t want any hassle. We can offer a refreshingly simple answer: The WL2500. This water dispenser, delivers a constant supply of the highest quality drinking water, offering great tasting water through innovative filtration technology. It can provide chilled and instant hot water through the same dispenser, enabling hot drinks to be made without wasting time waiting for kettles to boil.


The WL2500’s water is supplied through the mains and maximises storage space


Key features:

  • Extra hot facility (hot & cold model) 
  • Carbon filtration 
  • Large drip tray (1.4 litre capacity) 
  • In-tank UV filtration 
  • BioCote® antimicrobial protection


  • Dispense area height 215mm
  • Weight Free-standing: 27-29kg
  • Additional features UV sensor Sleep mode (Hot option only)
  • Capacity Hot tank: 1.5 litres Cold tank: 4 litres free-standing
  • Water temperatures Cold: 5-8°C / 41-46.4°F
  • Hot: 85-95°C / 185-203°F
  • Extra hot: 93°C/199°F
  • Compressor 220/240V