Winterhalter GS 515 All Purpose Pass-Through Dishwasher

Winterhalter GS 515 All Purpose Pass-Through Dishwasher

Winterhalter’s GS515 multi-purpose washer is designed to deal with utensils, pots and pans in addition to washing crockery.


To cope with the different types of cookware, the GS515 uses an innovative wash system with fixed upper wash arms and oscillating lower ones. These combine to ensure a uniform, powerful water-jet pattern to tackle even heavily soiled items.


The GS515 can handle up to 70 racks per hour. As well as the standard 500mm x 500mm racks, it can accommodate the larger 540mm x 500mm ones and, with an entry height of 440mm, it can manage even large utensils, pots and pans.


The wash water life is extended by having a two-stage filter system so that it only needs replacing at the end of each washing session. Fresh water is only required for the rinse cycle, which tops up the wash water level, reducing water consumption and heating bills.


The GS515 is available in an Energy+ version that recycles exhaust heat from the steam and hot waste water and returns it to heat the incoming cold water.


This not only reduces heating costs, but by condensing the steam to remove its heat it also removes the need for a separate extractor hood and makes wash area working conditions much easier.